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Why Selfies Aren’t Enough; 10 Reasons You Need a Photographer for Your Vacation

There’s a dizzying trend among travelers nowadays, whereby they’re ditching the selfies sticks and hiring professional photographers to follow them around on their travels instead. This trend is especially popular among those traveling to celebrate a special occasion, like an anniversary, honeymoon, or a family reunion.

Some people have begun hiring professional traveler photographers to capture once in a lifetime holiday experiences. Others just want great photos of themselves and their friends having a great time. Whatever the case may be, here are 10 reasons why you need a professional taking your travel photos:

  • Avoid any out of focus, grainy or overexposed pictures. In short, a professional delivers pictures in high definition and superb quality as they’re able to adjust the level of exposure and lens speed to fit the time of day.
  • Get everyone in the picture. It’s often difficult to capture pictures of a large group of friends using a selfies stick. This often means that at least one person will be left out as they’re taking the picture. A photographer will be able to capture everyone in a group shot, and it won’t be from a strange fisheye angle.
  • Fast paced photography. Capture yourself in a fast-paced activity, like diving, surfing, bungee jumping or skydiving without worrying about whether your photos turn out blurry. There will be someone to immediately capture you having fun, no matter how fast you’re going.
  • More natural expressions and pictures. You don’t have to stop what you’re doing and pose for pictures anymore. Having a photographer along with you means that you can capture yourself having fun in the most natural way.
  • Capture more of the scenery and less of your face. Selfie sticks just don’t cut it when you need to capture yourself with an amazingly scenic background. You’ll often end up with too much face and not enough scenery. A photographer’s lens will be better equipped to capture large scenic images, with you inside.
  • Get some local insights. The photographer that captures your holiday pictures will be a local and will, therefore, know the best places where you can be photographed. They’ll be the best people to guide you to that obscure spot where you can get the best backdrops and lighting, and where it’ll be less crowded.
  • You get to pack light. Hiring a local photographer means that you don’t have to pack a whole bunch of photography equipment and you can leave your selfie stick at home.
  • Stay safer on your holiday. You’ve heard all those horror stories where tourists step off a dangerous edge and fall as they’re fixated on their phones to take a selfie. Some may not be paying attention and get their phone stolen, or get into an accident. No selfies sticks and phone means you can pay attention to where you’re going and save yourself from any trouble.
  • Enhance your social media account. While everyone else is posting up their holiday selfies, you can stand out by posting quality photos of yourself at a level that is more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Capture your special moments. This is especially true for those on holiday to commemorate special occasions. Not only will you get quality pictures, you’ll be able to immortalize them for the next generation. Therefore, you don’t just want a photo that captures images, but one that captures the emotions of the moment as well.


If you’re wondering where you can find the best photographers to accompany you and immortalize your holidays, why not explore some of the options available here on WanderZoom. You’ll be able to pick and choose your photographer, as well as your time and location easily and without any fuss.

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