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Don’t Go On Your Honeymoon Until You Have Read This


Honeymoons are actually more exciting than weddings, as they involve you and your other half spending your first few moments alone together as husband and wife. It’s a very personal time and marks the beginning of your lives together.

Your honeymoon can be a dream come true, but it can also turn out extremely nightmarish.  Therefore, proper planning and preparation are crucial to ensuring that nothing is left to chance. Here are some of the tips and tricks to have that perfect honeymoon:

Discuss and pick a destination early

Honeymoons don’t necessarily have to involve romantic candle-lit beaches. It boils down to what you and your partner enjoy. For example, if you are both fans of a certain sports team, you may want to visit that team’s home city. Alternatively, if you’re both history buffs, a heritage city may suit you both better.

Start saving up

Apart from saving up for your wedding, you’ll also need to save up for your honeymoon, which is equally important. Plan a rough budget by calculating the airfare, lodging, meals, transport, entrance fees and other expenditures you may incur, and then determine how much you need to save each month until your planned trip.

Don’t waste another minute, book now!

Booking hotels and flights are really easy nowadays, with plenty of online sites where you can purchase tickets and pay for hotel rooms. You can even read a tonne of reviews from previous customers so that you can be absolutely sure you won’t be conned, and that you get the best deal out there.

Mix it up

Rather than just staying in one place throughout your honeymoon, try to stay at different cities or towns. Balance out your trip with activities in the city and off the beaten track with more outdoorsy stuff. Go on a couple’s bike tour across the countryside, or mountain climbing and white water rafting.

Plan a surprise

Surprise your partner during the trip by secretly planning an unexpected sunset viewing or dinner on a rooftop. What’s even better, call their company and extend their leave so that both of you get to spend more time together.

Get some professional help

If you feel overwhelmed having to plan for your honeymoon as well as your wedding, you might want to consider outsourcing your honeymoon plans to a trusted travel agent. However, make sure you communicate clearly what you want and check on the planning progress from time to time.

Make awesome memories

Since you’ll probably only have one honeymoon all your life (and maybe a second one several decades down the road), it’s important to immortalize all your sweet memories. You can always depend on us here at WanderZoom to help capture your most romantic honeymoon moments, so that you and your children, as well as your children’s children, get to appreciate and enjoy them for years to come!


Travelling with Kids? Here are 10 tips for you!

There’s no doubt that travelling with your children is a much more challenging experience than say, travelling alone or as a couple. For starters, you have to pack a whole lot of extra things and secondly, you’ll have to manage your child if they become difficult and throw tantrums.

Of course, travelling with kids is still completely possible, if you follow these tips and tricks:

1. Pack an easy access bag

Pack an extra bag that has all the essentials your child needs, like diapers, milk bottles, snacks, toiletries and wet wipes for easy access on flights and other vehicles so that you don’t have to rummage through your main luggage bag.

2. Allow for excess time

When travelling with children, it’s never advisable to have a tight travelling schedule. Children may need more toilet stops, or cleaning stops as they may spill or soil themselves on the way. So plan for a versatile tour and travel period, as well as budget extra time for emergency stops.

3. Pack snacks and games

There will definitely be periods in your trip where you’ll have to wait for taxis, flights, buses or anything else. Keep your children occupies by packing their favourite books , games or toys so they’ll not be bored and run around.

4. Invest in a child locator

Instead of putting an unsightly leash on your child, why not purchase an electronic child locator which can be clipped onto your child’s waist and be detected by an app or a special transmitter that will sound the alarm and allow you to locate your child.

5. No street food

Despite the strong desire to expose your children to the local culture, you should avoid letting them eat food from places with questionable hygiene. Stick to clean restaurants or cafes where they serve local food if you want your children to have a taste of local culture.

6. Get them involved in the planning

Older children love to have a say in family matters, so get their opinion on things like hotel choices, destinations to visit and dishes they may want to try. This will also prevent them from sulking and throwing tantrums saying that they don’t want to move.

Travelling with Kids

7. Protect against bugs and bites

If you’re going on a trip to nature reserves, be sure to either pack long-sleeved tops and long pants or bring anti-bug spray. This is important to protect your kids against diseases too.

8. Prepare an airsick bag

If your kids are travelling by air or rail for the first time and you don’t know how they will react, it’s time to pack some support materials, including wet wipes, a paper bag and lots of comforting words.

9. Easy access to clothes

Put every clean set of clothes in a separate plastic lunch bag or doggy bag. You can reuse these bags to keep dirty or soiled clothing, as well as diapers too until you can find a place to dispose of them.

10. Pack enough warm clothing

Of course, if you’re going to a temperate country, packing enough clothes for your kids to withstand the cold weather is a given. However, even if you’re just taking a flight, it can get pretty chilly up in the air, so a jacket or coat will be necessary.

You will definitely agree that kids do grow up very quickly. So, the next time you are planning for a family vacation with your little one(s), head over to WanderZoom, book a photographer and capture those precious moments!